Deluxe Diner Loaded Donut

Loaded Donut

Happy Birthday You want to get a Free Loaded donut at Deluxe Diner, a freshly cooked donut loaded with a chocolate lovers dream. Just Spend $25 on your Birthday and Receive this dessert to the value of $15 Welcome to the Deluxe Diners Birthday Club, join our Adult or Child birthday club and receive a […]

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Deluxe Diner – Hot dog Origins

Deluxe Diner Hot Dog and fries

DELUXE DINER HOT DOG PUPPY DOG Hot Dog A small frankfurter in a roll w/smoky onions, grilled cheese, tomato relish, ketchup & American mustard. JUMBO DOG Jumbo frankfurter in a roll w/ smoky onions, grilled cheese, tomato relish, ketchup & American mustard. DEPUTY DOG Battered frankfurter in a roll w/smoky onions, Sauerkraut, grilled cheese, tomato […]

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Deluxe Diner – Origin of Eggs Benedict

DELUXE EGGS BENEDICT (GLUTEN FREE) Poached local organic eggs on crisp potato rosti’s, w/ hollandaise.   Your Choice: Bacon or Ham –  Half Size available Mushroom & Spinach –  Half Size available Salmon Fillet Eggs Benedict is a traditional American brunch or breakfast meal that consists of two halves of an English muffin each of […]

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Deluxe Diner Wishes You a Merry Xmas For 2016

★Deluxe Diner Christmas Hours ★ To make a PH booking please call 067575300 All online Bookings Deluxe Diner Open Thursday 22nd 10am till Late Friday 23rd 10am till Late Saturday 24th 10am till 3pm Deluxe Diner Closed Sunday Xmas Day 25th Monday Boxing Day 26th Deluxe Diner Re Opens Tuesday 27th 10am till Late Wednesday […]

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