Deluxe Diner Supports Daffodil Day 25th August

Daffodil Day

What is Daffodil Day

Daffodil Day is the Cancer Society’s most important annual fundraiser and is held on the last Friday of August each year.

Daffodil Day needs your donations which go directly go towards vital scientific research into the causes and treatment of all types of cancer, as well as providing a wide range of support services, education and awareness campaigns / programmes for people affected by cancer in your area.

Every day 60 New Zealanders will hear the words “I am sorry you have cancer”.

  1. At the Cancer Society, They know how a cancer diagnosis can affect every aspect of your life and are there to help you through.
  2. The Cancer Society can help you get to your medical appointments, or provide accommodation if you live far away from hospital.
  3. And if you just want to talk and share your experience – they are there to listen.
  4. No one should face cancer alone… with the Cancer Society, you don’t have to!

Join us to give back, we are a great collection point.

Join us at Deluxe Diner to help us get behind this great cause to give to the Cancer Society of New Zealand Inc so they can keep researching this hideous disease!